PGMF - Princess Galyani Vadhana International Music Festival

1 Jun 2024  -  1 Jun 2024

Join us for an afternoon of music, crafts, and learning about how to take care of our planet through music!

On 1st June 2024 at Princess Galyani Vadhana Institute of Music, Thailand 

Here's what your family can enjoy:
1.Learn how to make your own eco-friendly bag tags from plastic waste in a fun workshop.
2.Explore awesome booths with eco-friendly products - perfect gifts or keepsakes!
Best Part? It's FREE! That's right, entry to the event and the concert are completely free for the whole family!

Bonus Fun!
The first 30 families who sign up for the music performance will get a FREE spot in a special workshop with Precious Plastic Bangkok! (Space is limited, so sign up fast!)

Ready to join the fun?
Click here to register:

Don't miss out on this exciting event - it's a great way to spend time with your family and make a difference!

Want to know more?
Visit the PGMF Facebook page:

P.S. There's even more music happening all weekend at PGMF! Check out the full schedule here:

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