BAAN PHAI Upcycling Model


BAAN PHAI Upcycling Model

BAAN PHAI Upcycling Model
(Baan Phai Community, Ban Khai District, Rayong Province)

From the former bamboo forest community to becoming a leader in waste management in all aspects, and a model for waste management within the community. The Baan Phai Community Waste Management Learning Center serves as a bank for waste within the community to promote waste management and segregation from the source to the final destination. This is achieved by adding value through sorting and creating products from waste, giving new life to old trash. The community has produced upcycled products such as turtle-shaped pillows, cushion seats made from plastic straws, brooms made from plastic bottles, and more.

Supporting community products at Tayla Tala, a community enterprise.

Waste that cannot be further processed by the waste bank, such as candy wrappers and fabric softener sachets, is sent to the GPSC's RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) power plant to generate clean energy.

Upcycling gives waste a second life.

By using waste to create products with greater value, or what is known as "upcycling," the Ban Phai community, in collaboration with GPSC, Precious Plastic Bangkok, and Rayong Industrial and Technical College, is able to turn waste into valuable products. The community has developed upcycling machinery from green printing technology by Precious Plastic, with the help of GPSC and Rayong Industrial and Technical College. Precious Plastic Bangkok also provides assistance and consultation on machinery and upcycling product manufacturing.

Stay tuned for more upcycled products from the Ban Phai community.

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