TEI's 30th Anniversary


Signing MOU Partnership (TEIxPPB)

Congratulations on TEI's 30th anniversary! It has been an absolute honor working alongside you over the past year. Your commitment to a sustainable future is genuinely commendable. We're grateful for the opportunity to join Dominic Puwasawat Chakrabongse, Director of Precious Plastic Bangkok, and our team at the event. Here's to many more years of partnership and progress.

Precious Plastic Bangkok has collaborated with the Thailand Environment Institute Foundation (TEI) in Ko Lanta, Krabi over the past year. Our joint efforts have been focused on achieving maximum waste segregation, starting from the initial stages of waste generation to the final steps of post-consumption. We have been working alongside a dedicated student team from the Lanta Plas Center in Ko Lanta, upcycling plastic waste to create innovative new products.

We are excited to announce the upcoming establishment of an Upcycling Center in Ton Tang, Ko Lanta, Krabi. This venture represents a continued partnership between TEI, PPB, and the Lanta Plas Center, aimed at furthering our commitment to waste reduction and environmental sustainability in the region.



(c) Thailand Environment Institute Foundations (TEI) and Greenlife

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